Fascism From the Left

Fascism has always been defined as a extremity of the right wing, as communism is viewed as an extremity of the left. However, fascism has now become more aligned with the American political left rather than the right, in various ways. The idea that fascism is actually closer to the left than the right is reinforced by the fact that the Nazis were the National Socialist German Worker’s Party. Also, the European right is not the same as the American right. That aside, the current liberal ideology in the U.S. proves itself on its own merit.

The reasons were originally going to be separated, however they all play into each other. First off is the idea of speech. As I touched on in one of my other posts, hate speech is an idea pushed by the left. It’s the idea that not all speech is covered by the first amendment, and if it is deemed “too offensive” than it could be banned and/or punishable by law. Recently, Howard Dean tweeted out the same immoral message. This idea in itself is ridiculous. The only speech not permitted by the Constitution is speech that is calling for violence upon other people. For instance, you can’t advocate for the death of certain people. The difference is “offensive” is too subjective. Who then gets too decide what is and isn’t offensive? The idea of being jailed for a differing opinion has been toyed around with, as per Bill Nye, the Used-To-Be-A-Steve-Martin-Impressionist-Not-So-Science-Guy called for so-called ‘Climate Deniers” to be jailed.

The idea that they can ban speakers at will also falls under the fascist category. There are a plethora of cases that show colleges banning/allowing riots to occur at conservative speakers events. There’s the case of Milo Yiannopolous, the recent case of Ann Coulter, and the multiple cases of Ben Shapiro being shut down. Not all these speakers are the same, as some being intellectually gifted and rational speakers, and others being non-ideological trolls, they all should have the opportunity to speak at publicly funded colleges. The idea that one gets to choose who gets to speak and who doesn’t completely undermines the first amendment, and should raise red flags.

Lastly, the Antifa, or “Anti-fascists” have become the most fascist group in the political sphere. There are instances of violence, such as stabbings and rock throwing at people who just want to see a speaker. When pressed, it’s all justified because they’re “fighting fascists.” How more ironic could it be? Violence toward a person with a differing opinion creates a vacuum for totalitarianism and censorship. The more radical the left is getting, the more radical the right’s reaction becomes. A space in which violence is going on is a no-win situation for everyone, and it starts with idea that you have no opinion because I don’t agree with it.


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