Trump, Ryan, and the AHCA

For seven long years Republicans have been saying that, if elected, they would repeal and replace the atrocity known as Obamacare. First they needed the Senate, then the House. We gave them that, and to top it off, the presidency. As soon as President Trump was sworn in, they had no more excuses as to why Obamacare had not been repealed. Yet, after only 17 days of trying, they dropped the bill. Why they did so is simple. It didn’t have the votes to pass in the House or Senate, because it was a terrible bill. First of all, it contain essentially all of the core values of Obamacare. Subsidies were called tax exemptions, which are basically the same thing. A lot of the taxes were kept in place, such as the Cadillac Tax, which means if you are insured by a higher quality company you pay a way higher tax rate. And worst of all, the penalty fee was kept in place, except instead of the government fining you, it’s the insurance companies. The American people were promised a full repeal, and the creation of an open-border free market approach to healthcare, which would create competition, incentivize companies to lower costs to be able to compete, and take away the in-state monopolies that Obamacare has given the insurance companies. Healthcare should look like any other form of business in this country, because competition works. It is not the government’s job to ensure everyone in the country is covered. Instead of this, they gave us this piece of garbage. The people to blame are Paul Ryan, RINOs in the House and Senate, and most of all, President Trump. I take issue with a lot of conservatives in that regard, who say that Trump has nothing to do with this, and it’s all Paul Ryan’s fault. Paul Ryan is definitely a big player, but as PTrump_shaking_hands_with_Paul_Ryan-1resident Truman said, “the buck stops here.” At the end of the day, Donald Trump is the President of the United States, and is not exempt because he is an “outsider“, or that he was given a bad bill by Paul Ryan. Trump was always to the left on healthcare, and now he’s tweeting about working with Democrats, instead of conservatives in the Senate. For the “conservatives” touting this narrative, who gets the blame besides Paul Ryan? Actually intellectually honest conservatives. Particularly the House Freedom Caucus. They said that they would not vote for the bill, and rightly so. Yet they are being demonized by the Trump purists that it’s there fault, and they should’ve voted for a bad bill, solely because it’s Trump. This way of thinking is dangerous, and it creates more excuses to let Trump govern the way he wants to. With the left, at least on a few major issues. Trump is an egomaniac, and if a bi-partisan approach will make him more popular than if were to stick with what works, even if it means political heat, then he’ll do it. It’s been pulled, because they knew it would lose if voted on. This just solidifies that Trump was always to the left on healthcare, and a non-ideological deal-maker is not going t stick to conservative values. If only there were a group of people saying that before he was elected.


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