Trumps’s Tweeting: Stream of Consciousness

Ever since The DonaldImage result for trump wrong meme first joined twitter, we’ve gotten lots and lots of tweets. He gave his opinion on everything. Whatever he thought, he tweeted. Now that he’s President of the United States, nothing has changed. Now that carries its merits and demerits. It’s not the greatest for the President to tweet every little thing, dumb or not. However, it’s good too know what the President thinks, even if most of it it nonsense. For some reason however, the left and the media, whom of which are synonymous, if that’s even how you phrase that. Whom of which? Sounds right. Not too sure. Anyway, what did you expect was going to happen. Whenever Trump tweets something that’s dumb, and not completely true, the media acts like it’s the end of the world. Even if it’s remotely close too the truth. Now I don’t want a President tweeting half-truths, however it’s the same old same old. Trump for a full year tried to prove that Obama was not born in America. Why the shock? All these people saw what I saw over the past almost two years. The Donald does what the Donald does. Whether you like it or not, you have to at least acknowledge that you knew that’s how he acted. It’s nice to know what he’s thinking I guess. It’s funny where we’re at as a country now. I find it hard to sympathize with the Republican party, when they continue to pull away from conservative or at least libertarian ideals. Man I wish Cruz won. I can’t believe Cruz lost because of his looks. I mean I understand, but that’s sad that looks determine if you succeed or not in politics. Maybe that’s always how it’s been. Or maybe he would’ve stalled on the conservative agenda. It’s so funny how nowadays the term conservative in the political sense is a dirty word. It’s “dog whistle” or code for a racist, homophobic, misogynistic, transphobic, islamophobic, bigoted piece of climate-denying trash. How sad. Or as Trump would put it, Sad! Although Trump’s not conservative, I thought it was funny. But it is ridiculous. Jumping to conclusions, character assassinations all the way around. I thought liberals were the supposed to be the ones that didn’t judge. They tolerate everyone. I guess for them diversity only goes skin deep. As soon as a black person becomes Republican, they’re an Uncle Tom. If you ask any leftist about Clarence Thomas, a man raised by his grandparents during the Jim Crow South, he’s a puppet for white supremacy. And we’re the racists. This clip is seen as the conservative getting schooled. If you really listen to what Michael Eric Dyson is saying, he’s saying that Clarence Thomas can be a puppet for white supremacy. It’s ridiculousness. I guess I can only ramble for so long.


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