Hate Speech: A First Amendment Catastrophe

A new creation has made it’s way into the heart of the American college campus. The idea of a free speech cancelling mechanism, coined as “hate speech.” Hate speech is, by leftist definition, speech that offends any particular group and is considered a micro-aggression. I know, bear with me here. A micro-aggression is an everyday verbal insult that offends any group of people. Except white males. The whole idea of leftist “diversity” could be its own post. So someone could say “man up” and that would be considered a micro-aggression, because why would the ideal way to get stronger be to “man up?” It is inherently sexist and offends all women everywhere according to the left. It has come to the point where students can shut down an event with a conservative speaker because they disagree. All that has to be said is that it’s “hate speech” and the riots are justified. The infringement of the first amendment is not mentioned at all in the news, and all is well. Except it isn’t. Hearing something you disagree with is one the things that makes America unique, and a college campus is where it should be most dominant.

Photo Beth Rankin 2009  (CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0)

The cause of this phenomenon, besides parents giving all their kids unearned pride, is the lenience of the colleges themselves. Most professors agree with the liberal agenda, so they create safe spaces to allow their students to hide from micro-aggressions. If students feel offended by the truth, they can go to a safe spaces and play with puppies, color, and hug stuffed animals. This infantilizes students, letting them throw temper tantrums when someone says anything that goes against their worldview. This culture extends into Hollywood, where physical violence is okay against a conservative. It’s a slippery slope when it comes to chipping away the first amendment, and it’s one the left doesn’t seem to mind.


Free speech is not a pick and choose situation. There is no such thing as hate speech. Everyone, whatever they believe has the right in this country to say whatever they want, as long as it is not used to call for physical violence toward others. The danger this causes is astronomical. If now leftist can shutdown conservative speakers, pretty soon if you say men cannot become women you’ll be whisked away to re-education camps. Not to sound dramatic, however such has been done before. The vastness of the freedoms in the first amendment created the idea of America. Not even in Europe is free speech so unlimited. The minute someone gets to decide what is and isn’t offensive creates a massive problem.

That particular viewpoint is considered bigoted by young people, saying that if you believe that micro-aggression is not a real thing, you’re a homophobe/xenophobe/transphobic/racist/sexist/whatever-comes-to-mind. It just adds to the logic that somehow if you disagree with their logic you’re evil, or you believe in evil things. This paves the way for character assassinations, which is used to shut up other viewpoints. Although the first amendment is under fire from thought-plantation left, it still carries the importance of a nation. As Americans, people may take what rights we have for granted, and it’s a habit we as Americans need to break.


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