Inauguration Anticipation

With 4 days until Inauguration day, there’s a lot of speculation going on. This transition period has showed a lot of good and bad of Trump, or at least the potential of both possibilities. It has also showed us the tantrum-based culture of Hollywood and other leftist elites. It’s showed us the true thoughts of people in American politics, and those thoughts don’t fare well with American ideals and people. First, good Trump; the bad will ensue. Recently, the Obama Administration pushed for an anti-Israel resolution along with the U.N. The resolution states that Israel can no longer build sites on Palestinian land, which if looked at, is really Israel. President Obama has always been more anti-Israel than any other U.S. President in history, but this resolution, which would have no clout if the U.S. didn’t endorse, just shows his true agenda against Israel. In reaction to this, Trump tweeted that soon, Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu will have nothing to worry about in regards to where America stands. Israel has always been an ally to the U.S., and it’s the only democratic country in the Middle East. That’s one change of pace that conservatives can get use to. However, there is still lots of bad Trump. Particularly with Russia. Putin’s Russia is definitely not acting in America’s interests, and Trump still continues to defend Putin. He hasn’t done anything as President yet, so criticism is limited. The direction he’s going however, that raises some flags. Regarding the hacking, both sides can be true simultaneously. Russia could’ve hacked, and Trump would’ve won anyway. He also continues to use anti-free trade ideas, and free trade is a good thing.

With all this going on, Hollywood has lost its mind. Their candidate lost, and they are in complete shock. Instead of self-evaluation, they do what they always do. Make a “PSA” using a bunch of celebrities and lecture Americans. I think they’ve made three since the election. The ironic part is the type of videos they’re making to bash Trump and his supporters are the the type of videos that put Trump in the White house in the first place. Eight years of virtue-signaling, eight years of them looking down at “fly-over country” and calling average Americans racist, sexist, xenophobic, bigoted homophobes. Words from Obama himself. Eventually, when you keep talking down to people, they’re going to get sick of it. Meryl Streep just did this at the Golden Globes. She is a very talented actress, but when you abandon half of the country, people are going to be upset. Not the left however. To them, Meryl Streep’s lecture was the bravest thing in the world. You know, because saying something in front of a bunch of people that agree with you is truly one of the bravest things in the world. It’s sad how there is such a disconnect between Hollywood elites and the average American. I guess when you make $10 million a movie, you can worry about things like “cultural imperialism” and “privilege.”  When you’re an average American family trying to live without government assistance, you don’t really have time for that.


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