The Rise of Fake News?

Since the election, the Left has lost any sense of coherency. Not that they had any to begin with, but even for their standards. They have no idea how Donald J. Trump won the election over their beloved candidate, Hillary Clinton. Now, instead of looking back at their actions and seeing what they did wrong, they have now turned to finger-pointing. In reality, it was a lot of things that cost them the election. For instance, they had no knowledge of what was going on in regular America, and simply didn’t care for it. The Democratic Party has become a party of coastal elitists, and they almost have contempt for the average American. They also clung to the abomination of identity politics, pandering and lying to different minority groups to gain their votes, and completely turned against rural white voters. Everyone who disagreed was either racist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamaphobic, bigoted, and whatever other name-calls one can think of. This has been the norm for the past eight years, and it’s this attitude that gave Trump the victory. It caused lots of white voters to feel attacked, causing them to feel the need to group themselves like all the other groups of people the left has created. This bugs me, because identity politics is horrendous. The only thing that should matter is the individual, regardless of race, color, sex, creed, etc. Trump spoke to these people, and most people just wanted change. I personally wish Cruz would’ve won, but that’s a different discussion. Trump has lots of flaws, especially to conservatives, but he represented a giant middle finger to the establishment on behalf of the citizens, the left has received it. Now instead of recognizing their errors, they’ve doubled-down. The newest thing to catch the blame is the whole idea of fake news. Basically, the left is saying that the spread of false stories on Facebook  and other sites was the cause of their loss, not that they’re terrible. Of course no one wants false information, but where this gets dangerous is how close they are getting to breaking first amendment rights. Who gets to decide what is and isn’t fake news? Does it extend into things that are true, but they don’t like what it says, so it’s counted as fake? It’s already happening, and the hypocrisy is too great. They have blacklisted two legitimate conservative websites, The Daily Wire and The Blaze. These websites are legitimate, and provide much needed diversity in news from the left-leaning mainstream media. This whole idea is just to shut down free speech, and it’s clear through the hypocrisy. Leftist websites like Vox and The Huffington Post were not blacklisted, even though they have put out massive amounts of false information. It all comes down to the push of the radical agenda.


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