Trump’s Transition

Since November 9th, the nation’s attention has been focused on the President-Elect. It will continue to be until Inauguration Day. Then, it’ll be focused on the 45th President of the United States. The funny thing about this two and a half month span of transition time is that we’re not even through with it, and already people are doing what they shouldn’t be, on both sides. I’ll start with my side, the right. First of all, as conservatives, the first thing we should do is stick to our morals and values, no matter whose in charge. If Trump does something wrong, conservatives need to be the first to point it out. If he does something awesome, we should be there to give him a thumbs up. However, people on the right are already starting to forget what they said during the campaign because it’s Trump. For example, Trump has stated that he will keep his business family-owned during his presidency. He even went to India regarding his business. Not too long ago, I remember conservatives bashing Clinton for leaving the Clinton Foundation open during her tenure as Secretary of State, and rightly so. Lots of corruption could’ve happened, and in her case, it did. If she had won the presidency, there would’ve been no toleration from the right regarding the foundation, and that’s how it should’ve been. However, only minor peeps from the right regard Trump’s businesses have occurred. If we want to stay a moral nation, we have to call out these tings on both sides. Also, the tweets. Although most are no big deal, and the media reaction is one of the things the left is doing wrong (which I’ll get to), just put the shoe on the other foot. If President Obama was tweeting all willy nilly, then prominent conservatives would call it inappropriate. For the POTUS, it kind of is.

As for the left, they are freaking out. For this article, I’m going to push aside the obvious flaw, that people are not accepting the outcome of the election. It’s funny that when Clinton had a “90%”-ish chance of winning, the electoral college was fantastic. Now it’s awful. First Comey, then this. I’m beginning to think that Democrats only like things when they’re politically convenient. Who would’ve knew? Anyways, the left’s actions have been completely  ridiculous. The mainstream media are doing everything they can to make Trump look awful, and he’s not even the President yet. For example, Trump should be picking his cabinet positions, which he’s doing. The way the media tries to spin it is that he is taking way longer than anyone in U.S. history. That his team is spiraling out of control, and that he doesn’t know what to do. This is obviously false, and he is actually putting his team faster than most past presidents. Not that it matters, as long as everything’s settled before January 20th. Another example is the media’s reaction to his tweets. Recently, Mike Pence, the Vice-President-Elect, went to see Hamilton, the rather new show on Broadway. At the show, the VP-Elect was booed, and then was lectured by the cast. Was it disrespectful, yes. Was it constitutional, of course. Trump proceeded to tweet, and I’m paraphrasing, that it was “rude, and they should apologize to Mr. Pence.” The news media went into a frenzy, saying that Trump was “disregarding first amendment rights, etc., etc.” They’re basically overreacting to everything he does. As political pundit Ben Shapiro said on CNN, “if you turn up every little thing to 11, it’s going to be a long four years.”All I’m trying to say is to tell the truth. Also, to withhold judgement until he’s actually the president. But mostly, to tell the truth. Conservatives need to call out bad things, and the left needs to stop treating everything like it’s the end of the world.


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