Climate Change: From The Perspective of a Climate Denier

Or so they say. As a conservative, I’m given lots of names. More commonly, the terms racist, homophobic, xenophobic, sexist, islamophobic, and bigoted. Are any of these accusations true? Of course not, but that doesn’t matter. As long as the character is being destroyed, truth has no meaning. Anyway, I am technically a climate denier. I guess that means I don’t believe in this end all idea of climate change. According to Bill Nye, I should be thrown in jail for that opinion. Seems like a rational guy. However in reality, I don’t really know. My problem with this whole climate change movement, why I am termed a climate denier, truly lies under the growth of government power through the guise of climate change. This is hard to write about, because I’m not a scientist. I don’t study climate, but I do study and pay attention to how my government works. If the government gains more power to induce more government regulation and red tape, then I know what I’m saying. Is the climate changing, yes it is. How much is man-made and how much is natural, I don’t know. However, to sit there and think that U.S. government can fix the problem is insane. The usual rebuttal would be to say, “well the federal government can enforce rules to move to clean energy sources, which reduces the use of fossil fuels.” Except it tried, and failed, miserably. Recently, the government tried to force businesses to invest in solar panels. Solyndra is a solar panel company that was backed by the President himself. He forced business to invest in the company, and when it failed, the $80 billion tab was left to the American taxpayer. It failed horribly. I’m not saying that we should stick to fossil fuels, and in time, we’ll move on to something better. However, something can’t just be forced into the market, especially by the government. When something new is ready, the market will take care of it itself. When the government starts to meddle in the free market system, it messes it all up. Now more than ever we need to be fiscally responsible. This country has been fiscally irresponsible almost my entire life. In 16 years, the debt has gone up $16 trillion in debt. We are at $20 trillion now, and counting. Right now the focus should be on boosting the economy, and there’s a way we can do that through energy. Fracking at home can create millions of jobs, and add revenue to the economy. Meanwhile, while our government becomes less broke, private companies can continue to work on viable energy alternatives. In time, when something is actually able to replace fossil fuels, a slow transition can be made to replaced fossil fuels. Government spending and additional power through regulation in the name of Climate Change is fiscally irresponsible, dangerous, and unnecessary. Everyone wants to replace fossil fuels, but the intelligent way is not to give more power to the federal government, especially since the government is terrible at almost everything.


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