The Secular Left: The Reunion of Church and State

Now before I get started, I have to address the fact that I know the title contradicts itself. However, you’ll find that it’s not the case at all. One of the founding principles of our constitution is its rather unique view of religion. It expresses that it should have no place in government. Of course, that doesn’t mean that religious values can’t be used in public office. It only stresses that no religion may be put above others in this country, and that religious freedom may be pursued, well, freely. As a religious person, I agree with this idea, and so has the mass U.S. population among the years. However, this idea is being challenged and ignored by the unlikeliest group of people in the country. The secular left, that is. The secular left contains a plethora of liberals who don’t have a belief in a god. I am not stating the entirety of the political left, but rather, the atheists if you will. How can this be, you ask? How can a group of non-religious people reunite church and state in the United States?

First off, an explanation of the new religion. While this new religion has no deity per se, it has a glorious idol. That idol being the government. People have natural tendencies to believe in some sort of judgement, or karma. I guess it’s just a human characteristic that doesn’t go away, and it’s expressed differently by different people. You have religious people, who believe in some higher form of judgement, and that the day you die it won’t matter who judged you on Earth, because their god will do the judging. The nuances of forgiveness and where the heaven and hell line lands is a different discussion, but nonetheless, judgement is bestowed. This brings the question, what do non-religious people believe of judgement? Besides the good value judgement that everyone shares, what more? More commonly, this job of judgement lands on the back of the federal government. It explains why most, but not all, atheists fall to the left of the political spectrum. If no god is there to judge in the end, who will fix the wrongs in the world? Wrongs that are out of individual control? This idea is better explained by Thomas Sowell, in the form of Cosmic Justice. The idea is essentially that the moral wrongs of the world should be fixed by the government, even things that are not physically possible to control. For example, some people are not as smart as others. In this world, there are jobs that are meant for intelligent people. Instead of just realizing that some people are meant for some jobs, and other people are meant for others, something has to be done to fix this injustice. This leads to a lowering of standards to get in said job, to make it fairer. This in turn becomes detrimental to the job, because with less intelligent people, there is a less intelligent output. I am 5’7, and that’s pretty short for a guy. I am also not talented at basketball. So naturally, I would be terrible in the NBA. Instead of saying that I am not fit for that job, the next step would be to lower the standards to let me in, because it’s not fair. The quality of the NBA would decrease drastically, and it would be a bad day for everyone. That’s the idea of Cosmic Justice, in the religion of the “Secular Left.”

Now to the reunion of church and state. Every religion has different beliefs and rituals, and that’s fine. Orthodox Jews have a Sabbath every week, Muslims have to have prayer at certain times a day, etc. Although fine to the members of the religion, it would be unconstitutional to make every American practice these rituals by government force. As for beliefs, an example would be the Christian belief that gay marriage is wrong, and that marriage is defined strictly as between a man and a woman. It would be unconstitutional to ban it solely on the basis of “it’s against my religion,” because not all Americans share that religion. I think government shouldn’t be involved with marriage at all. Really, what business does the government have in marriages anyway? That brings the question, why is it legal? It’s not mentioned in the Constitution at all. Who is pushing that agenda? This brings the topic of transgender people. All of the sudden, the government is pushing the notion that men can become women, and women can become men. Even though there is no scientific basis, and not all Americans believe that way. If you speak up, you’re branded a bigot. Even by the President himself. So why is it, that even though there is no constitutional backing of the fact that men can enter women’s bathrooms, why is it okay to have this agenda pushed by the government? Think about it. There is no constitutional backing of other religious ideas, not based in science. If someone was elected President of the United States of America, and on day one banned gay marriage on the basis of “it’s against my religion,” there would be a national outrage. There should be, if religious ideas with no constitutional backing are backed by the government. That’s why the Founders made this separation so vital in the Constitution.

This has become the reunion of church and state. The Secular Left holds these beliefs that are not backed by the American Constitution, and are forcing them upon the American people. Of course, people can do what they want on there own, and I couldn’t care less if a man wants to become a woman. It’s none of my business. However, the second this idea becomes mandated by the federal government, where if someone says men cannot become women they become shamed by the President himself, that is a problem. I’m not saying that people should bully transgenders. I believe that you shouldn’t bully anyone, and that’s common decency. But the second saying to someone “men cannot be women” and vice versa is shamed by the federal government, that’s unconstitutional. The second the government enforces affirmative action, the idea of Cosmic Justice enforced into law, it’s unconstitutional. The government has no business telling businesses who to employ. This whole idea of more government power based of judgement and fairness is a massive overstep of government power, and should be intolerable. No religion or agenda not backed by the constitution has no place in government. Since the Secular left is not an established religion, their actions have gone under the radar of many unsuspecting Americans. If nothing is done now, the Secular left may finally reunite church and state.



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