A Sad, Sad Day for Everyone


I realize that in this sad, sad election cycle, the last thing people want to hear is an idealistic teenager spewing their opinion as fact. Granted, this particular millennial (myself) veers to the idealistic conservative right, while most of my peers veer to the radical left. It is a lonely side I’ve picked, particularly now, because most of the past “conservatives” are converting past ideals to fit the current Republican nominee. I myself am torn, given the choices I have in front of me. On one hand, you have an arrogant big government guy, who was a lifelong democrat up until five minutes ago. He blames job loss on free trade, supports tariffs, supports government programs like paid family-leave, has respect for Vladimir Putin, which is ridiculous, and really changes on policy at every waking moment. However, the other choice is literally a criminal who has gotten away with being extremely careless with her handling of classified information, lied about it, and had the current State Department protect her. Her aides have plead the fifth in court multiple times, and smashed a few of her past blackberries with a hammer. Despite all this, she goes out and basically brags on national TV that she would not be indicted.  During her tenure as Secretary of State, she made the State Department a pay-for-play organization, getting more and more money put into her private foundation. She also, by leaving the Middle East so rapidly, created the vacuum for ISIS to grow and blossom. She is supporting a full-blown radical leftist agenda (The link goes to her actual website, so I’m getting information straight from her), and is continuing the failing policies of the current administration. The icing on the cake is that even the third party candidates are absolute garbage. As a conservative, if the Republican nominee wasn’t appealing, I would most likely support the Libertarian nominee. However, since Gary Johnson is terrible and is running as a centrist, that is not an option. I don’t even want to talk about Jill Stein. It’s a lose-lose-lose-lose situation. Keep in mind, I can’t even vote. I missed the age limit by a little over a year. At least I’ll have a clear conscience knowing I didn’t vote for any of these people. In essence I really have a pessimistic view this go around. Hopefully one day, once this storm has passed us by, a new movement will rise out of the wreckage. A truly conservative movement, with the platform of limited government, individual liberty and accountability, and equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. Or how Thomas Sowell puts it, Cosmic Justice. Where rights not mentioned in the Constitution go to the states, rather than the government saying this is the way it should go. This may sound idealistic, and of course it is. But change comes from ideas. Only thing is, these ideas are what we should’ve been practicing in the first place.


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