Trumps’s Tweeting: Stream of Consciousness

Ever since The Donald first joined twitter, we’ve gotten lots and lots of tweets. He gave his opinion on everything. Whatever he thought, he tweeted. Now that he’s President of the United States, nothing has changed. Now that carries its merits and demerits. It’s not the greatest for the President to tweet every little thing, … More Trumps’s Tweeting: Stream of Consciousness

Hate Speech: A First Amendment Catastrophe

A new creation has made it’s way into the heart of the American college campus. The idea of a free speech cancelling mechanism, coined as “hate speech.” Hate speech is, by leftist definition, speech that offends any particular group and is considered a¬†micro-aggression. I know, bear with me here. A micro-aggression is an everyday verbal … More Hate Speech: A First Amendment Catastrophe

Trump’s Transition

Since November 9th, the nation’s attention has been focused on the President-Elect. It will continue to be until Inauguration Day. Then, it’ll be focused on the 45th President of the United States. The funny thing about this two and a half month span of transition time is that we’re not even through with it, and … More Trump’s Transition